Tofu kit

Brand: Midzu®



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The kit is composed of a plastic container (for 300g of tofu) and a piece of 100% cotton fabric. Easy cleaning with just water and detergent. No bacteria accumulates and can be put in the dishwasher.

This kit allows homemade tofu, cheaply, using only soy milk and coagulant. You only have to add the hot milk coagulant and wait 15-20 minutes. When it starts to harden, the container is lined with cloth and put in the "tofu". Next, water is drained and pressed (for soft tofu - good for desserts - is to press lightly, for hard tofu, you must press for longer and harder). For tofu with different aromas and flavors can add herbs, algae and seeds.

Besides being healthier and produce packaging waste, tofu is home to half of the selling price in the market.

With the kit can also produce yogurt cheese. Just add a little salt and some herbs to yogurt, pour the yogurt into the kit and let the whey drain for 24 hours.


20,00 €