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The Healthy Juicer takes minutes to disassemble and clean. Simply rinse off with warm soapy water. No metal cutting screens that have hundreds of tiny holes to clog up and must be scrubbed with a brush over and over again. All of the excess waste pulp is neatly expelled out the front of the end cap into a separate bowl for easy disposal.

Durable stainless steel inserts on the end cap and tip of the auger where the most force on the crushing is exerted will last a lifetime without wearing out.

The patented suction base is rated at over 100lbs of force. It securely attaches to any smooth kitchen counter or table.  The Healthy juicer also includes a sturdy stainless steel metal clamp that can be used by itself on virtually any table or along with the suction base.

Do not be misled by the low price of the Healthy Juicer. All parts of the juicer are made of tough plastics which are practically indestructible. The auger is made of BPA-Free POM plastic which is virtually indestructible.  The tip of the auger and end cap are made of all stainless steel.   All materials used in the Healthy Juicer are non-toxic FDA approved.  With the Healthy Juicer you will want to juice more because it is easier to use and clean! What good is a juicer if you end up never using it?  

The Healthy Juicer is more efficient at juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens.  Below, on the left is an actual picture of two samples of wheatgrass after being run through two juicers. The top one is a typical metal hand juicer and the bottom one is from the Healthy Juicer. Notice how the bottom sample from the Healthy Juicer is like a piece of rope. Completely dry with every bit of juice extracted. The other sample still has blades of grass that have not been crushed.

Great for traveling!  The Healthy Juicer measures only 7.5″ high by 8.5″ long. The handle is 8″ long, the base is only 4.25″ across and only weighs 3.5 pounds. Small enough to take with you when you travel!

 Why should I drink wheatgrass juice?Growing and juicing your own wheat sprouts is not only decorative and fun, but also highly nutritional. Wheatgrass is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The juice is reported to have many health benefits due to the high concentration of chlorophyll, Vitamins B-12, B-6, K & C, and beta-carotene.


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