Genacol Instant

Brand: Genacol



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The microspheres are essential and are largely responsible for the excellent performance of the product, which is explained as follows:

Since collagen is bioactive, our laboratory has focused on developing a new technology to properly isolate Genacol ® to ensure maximum bioactivity at the time of application. The objective is achieved by inserting into the microspheres Genacol ®.

By gently rubbing the painful part with Genacol ® Instant, the microspheres release collagen, which is activated immediately for quick relief and deep muscle pain, rheumatic or arthritic.

Also, at the time of the application, shows a smooth and soothing aroma of wintergreen, which fades after a few seconds. In addition to relieving pain, Genacol ® Instant, leaves skin soft.

The soothing effect of Genacol ® Instant will allow henceforth continue their daily activities in a pleasant and painless.


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