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A unique matrix of collagen, 100% pure

A collagen matrix is made safe substance that stimulates the production of many different types of collagen in the body. The collagen matrix, formulated from pure collagen, produces incredible results in the human body if used regularly.
Genacol ® is a protein complex that uses AminoLock ® Sequence Technology. No other product on the market contains this concentration. For this concentration of amino acids, it would take a lot of collagen tenfold.

Without any preservative

DirectLab Inc. allows us to obtain a collagen product of a very high quality in 400 mg capsules without any preservative or fillers.

Specific amino acid concentration

Use a single procedure called Sequence Technology AminoLock ® which is generated by a remodulation of amino acids. This unique method is developed by the Research and Development Division of DirectLab Inc. and consists of a refinement of collagen amino peptides. Genacol ® is manufactured according to the highest biotechnological standards and in accordance with governmental requirements. This procedure offers a product esenciale to offset the decline caused by the natural aging process. No other product on the market has the same concentration of amino acids containing Genacol ®.


Genacol ® is a bioactive complex formed collagen hydrolyzate 100% pure. Many studies have demonstrated the efficacy of a collagen hydrolyzate supplement to reduce pain and stiffness, and to regenerate cartilage. Genacol ® also improves mobility in general as it is equally beneficial for joints. Since our collagen is hydrolyzed, is assimilated to 98%, which makes Genacol ® is a unique product.



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