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Genacol® Original Formula is a bioactive complex of hydrolyzed collagen. Genacol® is a safe substance that offers a supply of the necessary elements in order to nutritionally support the body's efforts in the formation of collagen. In addition, Genacol® Original Formula is a supplement that helps in the formation of conjunctive tissue; as well as in the development and maintenance of cartilage. Genacol® Original Formula shows outstanding results in the human body when used regularly.

Our unique formula includes a complex of several amino acid sequences conceived by using The AminoLock® Sequence Technology developed exclusively by Genacol Canada Corporation Inc.

We recommend taking Genacol® Original Formula to people who:

  • Want to maintain their cartilage healthy

  • Suffer from joint pain (such as in the knee, the hip, the fingers and so on)

  • Suffer from limited movements caused by:
    • Diseases that cause joint inflammation

    • A sport injury

    • Overworked  joints